Dear Neighbours is an animated project that will let you see our neighbours' lives through their windows. Our main goal is to have the freedom to experiment and collaborate, however and whenever we want :)
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The final render
Here is our first post, a short animation of a cat being disturbed by neighbours. 

Elise made the basic shapes of the window in Illustrator, then added the feel and texture to them, in her couch, on Procreate, before passing on the files to Simon.
The cat needed several tries to come up with an animable result, which works with the style of the environment, the contrast of the colours and the scale of the character regarding the size of the window.
Simon's job.
Just a big bunch of Wave Warps & Bezier Warp to achieve this one. Trying to keep things as editable as possible.
One of the main focus for Simon was the animation of the cat’s tail. And if you know AE, you know all the possible ways to make that kind of soft movement, and also how messy it can get.
In the end, he just used a bunch of equally distant Puppet Pins, created Nulls, rigged them (in FK), animated with rotation, then offset and looped them until the result had the feel I wanted.
I also Timewarped the whole composition to slow down the movement when the cat is being startled. 
Breakdown of the animation and compositing of the flying plant pot.
The passing of the pot had to be slowed down to be actually understandable at first glance. The test group (so, Simon's girlfriend and one colleague) said it wasn't clear what exactly was flying through when the pot was still going at a realistic speed.
Thanks for watching!
Stay tuned for the next windows, and the rest of the story!

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