A fun project with superb illustrations and a great time = best vibes. I am extremely grateful that Hornet brought me in on it under the direction of Sarah Beth Morgan and collaborating with this excellent team.
I handled the compositing and animation of two shots with the help of Yizhen, who animated the main cel elements: the pumpkin’s fall and shattering.
The movement of the flags lets the spectator know that a gust of wind is passing through, and about to make the pumpkin topple.
The bouncing and twisting of the candle is certainly the thing I enjoyed doing the most on this job.
The last shot was a team effort where everyone ended up doing something.
Erik had setup the scene beforehand and also built a rig for the rotation of the pedestals and their napkins.
Issey and I handled of the products' rotation, the wind going through the brown leaves and in the background trees.
Yizhen animated the large leaves transition.
I also animated the small leaf that goes through the frame in cel.
Overall, I loved the leeway the we had and how Sarah Beth allowed to us to make creative proposals for the animation.
Shout out to Glenn and Tom for their superb illustration work!

Client: Bath and Body Works
Production Co: Hornet
Managing Partner: Hana Shimizu
Head of Production: Karen Lawler
Head of Creative Development: Kristin Labriola
Executive Producer: Alex Unick
Production Supervisor: Dez Stavracos
Lead Editor: Matthew Sandager
Editors: Anita Chao & Dylan Leslie

2D Director: Sarah Beth Morgan
Lead Animator: Sami Healy
Motion Designers: Issey Roquet, Simon Schu, Erik Righetti
Cel Animator: Yizhen Hou

Audio Music: Marshall Usinger - A Day Like This

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