Last year I was brought on this project by Renaud Lavency to handle the compositing of the entire video, except for the introduction shot.
I laid out the PSD into z-space, moved the camera, animated the phone and tons of objects inside the scenes, brought in the characters that the cel animators were sending over. It was certainly the biggest project I had been on so far, with fun teammates doing an amazing job.
Director: Renaud Lavency
Client: WhatsApp
Production: Co Hornet
Managing Director: Hana Shimizu
Head of Production: Karen Lawler
Head of Creative Development: Kristin Labriola
Executive Producer: Cathy Kwan
Production Supervisor: Dez Stavracos
Producer: Sarah Kamaras
Senior Editor: Anita Chao
Assistant Editor: Hyeseung Kim, Minseok Kim

Pre Production
Storyboard Artist: Renaud Lavency
Character Designer: Renaud Lavency
Environment Designer: Renaud Lavency

Director: Renaud Lavency
2D Animators: Thierno Bah, Jeejung G. Kim, Taik Lee, Jessica Milazzo, Niv Sekar
Compositors: Simon Schu, Seongjin Yoon
Comp Prep: Mitchell Blass

Sound (Director Version): Joe Miles // Sounds by Miles

Agency: WhatsApp
Head of Creative: Rodrigo Moran
Creative Director: Lucas Heck
Creative Director: André Felix
ACD/Art Director: Belén Márquez
ACD/Copywriter: Soham Chatterjee
Program lead: Marla McCormick
Program manager: Ally Galston
Executive Producer: Chad Emerson
Agency Producer: Karena Dacker
Business Affairs Manager: Nicholas Sempertegui

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